What is Carrageenan?

Have you ever heard of Carrageenan? I definitely had not and still would have no idea if Paul hadn’t bought a different brand of Almond milk a few weeks ago. I saw the bottle and didn’t really think much of it but then I was brushing my teeth one night and started reading the label of the toothpaste (since I pretty much read labels on everything now, even if it’s not something I’m eating). I thought it was interesting that two kinds of toothpaste I had nearby also contained this mysterious carrageenan ingredient.

So, I decided to look it up. It’s an ingredient derived from a type of seaweed that is used in almond milk and other products for thickening purposes. It is not nutritious in any way shape or form and the article that I read about it said that it was undigestible. It also stated that it can cause GI issues and GI inflammation. Now, since the whole diet that I’m on is to reduce GI inflammation in Savannah, this got me a little scared. I’ve been drinking Almond Milk for 6 months now and the point is to REDUCE inflammation not increase it. Fortunately after checking the Almond Breeze milk (which is what I normally drink) it does not contain carrageenan. After the information I read, I would not eat anything that contains carrageenan. I’ve even considered not brushing my teeth (haha, jk). Our regular Crest toothpaste actually does not have it as an ingredient. So, next time you buy your almond milk, make sure it does not have any carrageenan. For more information check out the article¬†here.

On a side note, check out my new favorite snack. I could eat the whole bag! I definitely need to brush my teeth now.

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