Hello world!

Being a mom is tough! Being a mom of babies/kids with food allergies/sensitivities is even harder! There are some days that are so difficult for me while on this journey of trying to avoid foods that upset my baby’s tummy. I think the hardest part of the whole thing is not knowing exactly which foods upset her. Some babies react immediately after you eat a food they are sensitive to. Some react hours or even days later making it sometimes impossible to know what they are sensitive to. Several months ago I had Savannah’s calprotecin levels tested (checks for inflammation of the intestines). The levels were elevated but not off the charts so the pediatrician was not overly worried. At that time I was only off dairy and soy. I submitted another stool sample yesterday to check the levels again. We will see if this crazy diet has helped and the levels are down. Hopefully I will find out sometime this week. Throughout this whole journey, she has always been a happy baby. Sophia on the left, Savannah on the right.