About Me

Welcome to my bog, doctormommy.org! All us Moms know that giving birth can change your life. While in reality I am not a human doctor, I am Doctor Mommy (as my 3-year-old, Sophia, refers to me). What’s most important to remember is that you, as a Mom, know what’s best for your kids. When my second daughter, Savannah, was born I became a Mom of two beautiful girls. What I didn’t know is that I was about to embark on some serious life-style changes. Savannah had some strange GI symptoms from the beginning such as bloating, explosive poop, and poop in her diaper after every breastfeed. She was growing normally but I knew something was not right. After working with her pediatrician, we determined that Savannah has food allergies/sensitivities. At first, she advised me to cut out dairy from from my diet. When I was still seeing mucous and occasionally blood in her stools, she suggested that I remove soy from my diet as well. While I saw some minor improvements, Savannah still experienced mucous, watery stools. We went to see a GI doctor who told me that dairy and soy were the only culprits and to continue without those in my diet. After another month, I was still not seeing the improvements I had hoped after drastically changing my diet (it is VERY difficult to remove all dairy and soy from your diet). When I contacted the GI doc’s office to let them know I had seen some blood in my daughter’s stool, they recommended that I stop breastfeeding. I’m really glad I didn’t because the next week we had a terrible sickness run through our house and I’m sure Savannah would have been much worse off if she had been on formula. I decided to start cutting out other allergens, like wheat and gluten. After a month of being dairy, soy, and gluten/wheat free I felt healthier (and almost at pre-pregnancy weight). If you’re looking to lose weight, cut out gluten/wheat and I guarantee you will. Even after cutting out those allergens, Savannah was still having issues. The only thing (allergen wise) I could think of that I hadn’t cut out were eggs and fish. I had eaten some really delicious Mahi and the next day she had some blood in her stool. Since then I cut out eggs and fish and I HAVE seen improvement. The next step will be to slowly add things back into my diet to see if I can pinpoint exactly which foods are causing issues for her. The idea here is to share my recipes and experiences with friends, family and other Moms who might be going through something similar. It’s not easy but connecting with others and creating a support system can help immensely. Always remember, trust your instincts and intuition. To your kids, you are Doctor Mommy too!